Daystar Universal Air Bag Cradles
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Air Bag Cradle in Action
Did you know you lose up to 20% of your suspension travel when installing a set of convoluted air bags on the rear of your truck? Daystar has the answer to this problem: The Universal Air Bag Cradle.

Daystar’s Universal Air Bag Cradle returns your suspension’s full travel while providing all the features you want from your air bag system: Improving ride quality and maintaining your load carrying capacity. Daystar’s new Airbag Cradle mounts to your truck’s lower suspension providing more room for the airbag to safely cycle with no loss of overall wheel travel. Made in America from Daystar’s high-density polyurethane, the Air Bag Cradle is guaranteed to perform as long as you own your truck and is backed by Daystar’s exclusive lifetime, Go EVERYWHERE Warranty.
  • Maintains the benefits of airbags while recovering the suspension travel they cause you to lose
  • Provides more room for the airbag to safely cycle
  • Made from extremely tough Daystar polyurethane
  • Fits most vehicles running 6" diameter, bellows-style airbags
  • Packed in pairs in a retail-friendly clamshell package
  • Made in the USA and backed by Daystar’s Lifetime Go EVERYWHERE Warranty
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